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By Deborah Hutton

Brainstorming is used to find solutions, discover ideas, and create plans. Brainstorming is great to use when you are in a jam because its purpose is to create as many solutions to the problems as possible. Even the craziest idea can help you solve the problem. The following are steps that you can follow:

1. Pose your single problem as a question by starting with the words: what, how, who, where, and when.

2. Stay calm.

3. Set a goal for the number of solutions you wish to generate.

4. Set your time limit.

5. Note all ideas, as brainstorming is not a time of evaluation.

6. Brainstorm with others by assigning one person to jot down ideas.

7. Ask all group members for their contributions and avoid discussing each idea.

8. After the brainstorming session – evaluate the results. Give each idea a chance. (Ellis 2011)

Problem solved!

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