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By Deborah Hutton

• A call to action is a simple, clear, and compelling offer that convinces a website visitor to give their contact information in exchange for something, and so that they will become a lead for your business.

Why it is Important to have a Strong Call to Action!

  1. Visitors come to your website, view company information, and look for clues so they know what they should do next. Generally, a simple "Contact Us" form is not a strong enough call to action because there is no urgent reason why they should use it.
  2. A business needs a strong call to action because it converts website visitors into business leads.

How to create a strong Call to Action:

  1. Keep it simple.
    1. Use prominent buttons.
    2. Use fewer words.
    3. Don't force too many click-throughs.
  2. Make it Clear.
    1. Place it in a prominent place to make it stand out in a web layout.
    2. Place it at the top of the web page.
    3. Place it at the center of the web page.
  3. Make it Valuable.
    1. Provide clear benefits the visitor will gain by taking the recommended action or submitting information.
    2. Ask only for essential information for the initial sign-up.
    3. Explain how information will be used and provide reassurance that the data is safe.

Examples of Effective Strong Calls to Action that convey a sense of urgency:

  • Request a Free Quote Today!
  • Join Today!
  • Sign Up for E-News!
  • Learn More!
  • Buy Now!
  • Take the Tour!